If you are interested in joining the New Sheridan Club, or perhaps just coming along to a few events to see what it’s like, or if you simply want a chat with one of the hugely erudite and entertaining Committee members, then here is how to do it.  

For general enquiries propel an e-message to telegrams@newsheridanclub.co.uk.  

You can also communicate directly with the four Committee members, who are:  


Chairman: Mr Torquil Arbuthnot mrarbuthnot@newsheridanclub.co.uk

Secretary and Treasurer: Mr Clayton Hartley



Duties also include event organisation, publicity, the Newsletter and this confounded website

Defence Secretary: Mr Artemis Scarheart mrscarheart@newsheridanclub.co.uk

Organises events and puts the wind up our enemies

Eminence Gris: Mr Matthew Howard (sometimes known as “The Chairman”; this is because he is Chairman of the Witham Rowing Club and not, confusingly, of the New Sheridan Club) mrhoward@newsheridanclub.co.uk

Does this and that, including publicity and event organisation


Ogle our Facebook group here