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Relive the hedonism of Swinging London, when Britain led the world in fashion, art, music and fun, when the rich and stylish jetted to beach resorts, drove sportscars over Swiss mountains and sailed yachts into St Tropez.

When the thrill of the Cold War merged with psychedelia to produce ironic action heroes like James Bond and The Prisoner, forever in surreal peril from spies, megalomaniacs and a corrupt establishment.

When Jane Fonda played Barbarella, the spacesuited sex kitten on a cosmic acid trip, and Michael Caine played working-class hardmen made good, doing dirty jobs in immaculate suits from the latest tailor-to-the-stars.

No one sums up the verve of the era more than Mrs Emma Peel, the catsuited, karate-chopping amateur agent played by Diana Rigg in The Avengers, foiling plots by eccentric villains in country houses, on giant chess boards and in secret laboratories, while trading flirtatious quips with her partner, the bowler-hatted gentleman spy John Steed. Welcome to her club.

Who knows who will be at the party? Rock stars, playboy shipping magnates, edgy fashion designers, self-creating dandies, out-there conceptual artists, all brimming with playful confidence and determination to live the High Life.

Bikini Beach BandOur next party is a Hammer Horror Halloween special, featuring…

• Master of the revels, lounge legend Count Indigo

Live music from the Bikini Beach Band

DJ Martin Green creating a vintage soundtrack ambience

• Unnatural gyrations from our very own dance troupe Catsuit A-Go-Go

A prize for the best Sixties-inspired Halloween costume

Awesome views from our rootop terraces

• Cocktails

• Groovy psychedelic lighting effects and projections

"Thank God! There really aren't enough clubs that you can wear a catsuit to!" — Jerry Hall

“It’s the kind of nightclub your grandparents might have courted at.” — Daily Express

“Strange night of dancing and film theme tunes.” — The Independent​



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