Following the success of the specially commissioned portraits of our glorious Committee, we have opened up the service to all Members; see the Membership page for details.  

Here is where you will find our rogues’ gallery of immortal images.  

Actuarius steps into Errol Flynn’s shoes to battle Basil Rathbone  


Horatio Scotney-Le Cheyne gives it some Terry-Thomas  


Laurence frankly doesn’t give a damn  


Miss Minna as Manet’s bartender at the Folies-Bergère  


Erik Lynge-Jorlén. Who is actually quite trim in real life  


Professor Pinkerton, academic martyr, inserts himself into Goya’s The Executions of The Third of May 1808  

Mrs Downer in Tamara de Lempicka’s Auto-Portrait (Tamara in the Green Bugatti)    

Curé Michael Silver in Millais’ portrait of Ruskin

Ryan Pike is the only person to date to have had two portraits made, first as a BBC World Service announcer and then in a more military guise after he grew a moustache and felt he wanted this in the picture too. (The original photo featured a chap with a similar moustache, though of course you wouldn't know that now that he's been removed…)